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I just got a long-overdue hair cut. I put the colour on it myself last night (cos I'm a cheapskate), then got it all chopped off this morning. The pics I took with me were (optimistically) of A.J. from Cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model.

I like the way it's turned out, even if there's no way I'll be able to replicate the finish myself at home. digivamp hates it. His comment was, 'Meh, it'll grow'. Ah, well.

I needed a haircut because I'm off on a slightly spur-of-the-moment holiday to Barcelona (the city, not the planet) with piggy_diva on Tuesday. We're flying from Liverpool at stupid o'clock in the morning, so I'm getting the train up on Monday and staying at my parents' overnight. On Friday our flight doesn't land until almost midnight, so I'm staying up north that night too. piggy_diva has sweet-talked her Dad into taking us to the airport, and I've convinced mine to pick us up. Yay for Dads!

I'm away this weekend too, going hiking up Bleaklow in the Peak District with E from Scouts down here in Leicester. I'm completely unfit and fairly sure I'm going to die. Fortunately, so is he, so we're taking trekking poles and torches and going at our own pace. At least the weather forecast isn't too bad...

Will post pics of both trips when I get back!